How to edit the footer in WordPress?

How to edit the footer in WordPress?

How to edit the footer in WordPress?

How to edit the footer in WordPress? Do you know? If you don’t, so not a problem. Today we will tell you how to do that. 

Hello and welcome to  a quick tip today you’ll learn how to edit the footer in your WordPress website let’s begin.

I have WordPress installed locally on my computer and if we scroll all the

way down we will find the footer now the footer what it has how it looks

like will depend from case to case on my computer on this installation I’m

using the latest theme so my footer looks something like this so how do we

edit this bit of the page.

Ways to edit the footer in WordPress?

Well there are two ways we can do that, the easiest one

is to go to our WordPress back-end or the admin panel we go to appearance

theme editor and over here we need to find theme footer which corresponds to

the file footer dot PHP so this is the way WordPress works is

you have some partial files and some templates that WordPress uses to create

the pages displayed on your website and footer.php is one of these incomplete files

that gets included in pretty much every single page on your website so to edit

this you click on it, and it’s going to open up the contents of that

file, in this editor and then you would go in and make your necessary


So let’s say I want to change the text of this link from the top to

something else for example to the very top so I would make my change I would

hit update file, and then I can go back refresh and if we scroll all the way

down you’ll see that my footer has now changed and you can do the same for the

rest of the elements that you want to change now be careful because

this is a PHP file, so it contains PHP code in addition to HTML code so if you

don’t have experience working with PHP code you’re better off passing

the task to a developer because if you mess something up in this file your

website might not function.

Correctly now luckily WordPress has a checking mechanism in place where a

validation mechanism where for example if you make a mistake and you want to

hit update it’s going to give you an error code right, and it’s going to tell you where

exactly you made that error, so it’s safe if you’re using this editor but

this is not the only way to edit this footer file you can also edit it

directly using your own code editor now because the WordPress is installed

locally on my computer, I can access that file by going to my sites folder which

is the folder created by MAMP and I can go to my WordPress installation and in

here we go to the BP content themes I find the currently active theme which is

2020 and I open footer.php I can open it with any code editor that I want right

and it’s the same code that you saw previously.

But now the difference is I can change this, and if I make a mistake it’s not

going to give me an error code directly right if I do a refresh now on my front

end and I scroll all the way down my footer is now gone because that file are

through an error, so WordPress chose not to include it so be careful when

you’re making changes to these files but yeah essentially this is how you edit

your WordPress footer.

You opened the four-dot PHP file with your code editor, or you open it

from the theme editor inside WordPress, and with that said, thank you very much

for reading this blog. I hope you found it useful also, be sure to follow us

on social media and stay tuned for more content like this and until next time take care.

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